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YM Yoki Magokoro

YM Yoki Magokoro

Store Location

Shop 315, 3/F, Hopewell Centre

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun 11:00-20:00

About YM Yoki Magokoro

YM is a well-known Japanese beauty and health brand with over ten years of experience in operating Ganbanyoku Japanese rock sauna. They provided luxurious private rooms for "Japanese Deluxe Ganbanyoku" at Hopewell Centre. Ganbanyoku is a hot spring therapy without actual spring water. When heated, it releases far-infrared rays, which thoroughly penetrate and warm the core of the human body through resonance. Accompanied by a pleasant sweat, it achieves the effects of slimming, beautiful skin, and overall body harmony. By combining Ganbanyoku with a series of YM products, it can bring about longer-lasting skincare and body-slimming effect.

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